Project – Commercial land plots with infrastructure in Palanga rd.

5,4 ha land plot is situated near the main entrance to Klaipeda city and by the side of the main highways A1 and A13, so it is a very attractive place for investment and commercial activity.

According to the detailed plan, the territory is divided into the land plots of different sizes, where commercial activity is allowed. Project is especially attractive to the companies which need good visibility and comfortable approach.

The founders of the company, based on their accumulated experience in Western Europe, united their know-how when designing the concept of the territory and inviting cooperative businesses with reliable history and good position in the market.

Companies Neste Lietuva and Hesburger purchased the land plots at the entrance of the territory.

One of the main objectives is the undivided completeness of the project, starting with facilities’ system, integrated infrastructure and finishing with parallel development of the land plots and creation of green zones.

Networks of infrastructure are going to be installed in Y2010. Services provided by "Lemminkainen Lietuva" UAB.